BGS Trophy concept

BGS Trophy is the association of Brice - Guillaume - Steve, but above all, a project created by three friends and motor sports fans. In 2011, Brice Joly (construction site operator) and Steve Gathy (salesman in the auto industry) launched the first edition of the Ouffet Endurance Quad and SSV, which was a great success and led to a second one the next year.


2013 marks a major change in the organization: the one-day event started to take place during two days and included an official round of the Polaris RZR Cup championship. In 2014, Guillaume Taens (salesman in the events sector) joined Brice and Steve in order to create BGS Trophy, which quickly became the official organizer of the Polaris RZR Cup in Belgium.


As the demand continued to rise, the team decided to offer to other brand riders (Can Am, Yamaha...) the possibility of taking part in the races. This is how BGS Trophy itself also became an independent and multi-brand championship.